Weekly Devotion: Hope is Alive

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“And your life will be brighter than the noonday; its darkness will be like the morning. And you will feel secure because there is hope; you will look around and take your rest in security. “

Job 11:17–18

There are days when the heaviness in your chest feels like concrete; so heavy that words can’t flow and too massive to pretend or avoid their effect.

At first, you try to resist the load, but as time passes, it overflows, it burdens and suffocates you until you feel utterly consumed. You feel like shutting God out, you want to scream and beg him to take it all away but it’s like he is not listening. He is not even there. Sometimes it’s like you have run out of prayers and words to say to him…

At this point your hope is dead.

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You suddenly find yourself packing the Bible and turning on the panic mood. Your focus changes, your lane drives you back to square one instead of towards the right race.

I know I am speaking to somebody who is in trouble, who is emotionally and mentally tired of giving and asking from a God who seems silent. It’s like all hope is lost, your prayers are not being answered and it feels like he is not there.

But I am here to tell you that hope is still alive. But sometimes you just need to surrender and listen.

God’s ways are not your ways or my ways. He knows what’s best for you and he knows how best to handle it while offering it to you. God is never silent he is just waiting for the right moment to make his move.

How long are you going to hold on to thoughts & meanings that don’t serve you? How long will you expect life to serve your pudding each time you collect lemons?

Sometimes we need to learn faith the hard way to get closer to God.

You can’t change the past or the moves you made blaming God for your lack of belief, but you need to take a step of love and faith to create a meaningful relationship with God. Just don’t wait too long.

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Job 11: 17-18 depicts that darkness is Inevitable but so is light. Troubles will come but there is comfort and peace especially when we take that walk with the Lord. Sometimes we need to walk in the dark to see our light. Tough times can create the best of us.

Learning to live for Christ means making sacrifices to serve others and finding means to allow them to experience these beautiful moments.

Remember even when we lie in broken pieces, God has a way of turning things around. After all, he is the potter and we are just the clay. His hand reaches out to us full of mercy, love, restoration, and grace. He can uplift us in ways that when we look back we wonder,  how did I get through all that suffering. This is your testimony, hope is alive. Something not worth losing. Keep keeping on, for prayer is not an event it’s a process.

To appreciate the beauty of the moon we need to learn to understand and condemn the sun. You know every sunrise melts the frost to dew drops that dangle from a blade of grass or the tip of leaves, reflecting the sun through its rays. Now that’s love. Imagine yourself as this frosted blade of grass or tip of leaf and God is the sun. His love is great enough to warm us up in moments that we feel like there is nothing left. He turns that frosty moment into the most beautiful dew. Are we not blessed?

So dear reader be gentle, be honest,

Seeking and committing to Christ can be hard work as we are required to sacrifice and letting go of habits that block us from listening to him speak. But through the hard work comes the healing, comes understanding comes transformation. You have greatness within you. See it!
Remember you are the reason why God made grace🙏

More study texts: Proverbs 4: ,Psalm 42:11, Romans 15:13,

1. Read your Bible daily to find means and scripture that keep you in grace and hopeful.
2. Pray every day and find a purpose in that scripture of the day that links strength in finding hope in our darkest times
3. Try to speak bibical affirmations that feed the mind and soul in hope and love. Enabling us to share and speak of his love.

Sending love, prayers, and blessings – Rutendo🥀 

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Weekly Devotion: Don’t forget

I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.

-Psalms 34:4

I don’t know about you but there are times where the word leaves me exhausted. I am trying to understand or see the point that the preacher was trying to make and nothing seems to make sense because probably I don’t see the story from his angle (cases where he sees a curse I see a blessing). Times where we simply do not understand why God allows good things to happen to bad people. I can recall times when I would pray for something so hard and that thing is given to somebody who does not care or seem to need it. Well, this is life. A phase of situations we can never seem to understand because God knows what’s best for us. Some of you can recall the struggle of trying to explain to people why you worship God the way you do and most of the time you have no idea or tangible facts expect ‘I was born in this system.’

Sadly that’s how careless many of us are, we have no idea why we worship God or attend the churches we do. We are so ignorant that we allow people to tell us what they believe and as stupid you might have become you believe. Commitment to a dead faith that is unstable. I am not saying do not listen to your pastors, preachers but I am saying that you need to have time out where you ask God to make you understand scripture and the word that we frequently receive each every day. Be committed and build in God, not the church. Not having your backbone will not help you stand; you need to be able to learn parts of yourself and have that walk with the Lord, not the church. After all, we were not created to dependent on what somebody says about the bible but we were given the bible to communicate and feed upon God’s word one on one with him. Company is there to help you out not spoon feed you. I am not here to condemn your beliefs and practices but I just want to ask you do you still remember?

There are so many bible characters in the bible that had a one on one with Jesus/ God but remained ignorant. It is our nature to forget as humans. When things don’t seem to go our way we forget who is in control and we suddenly want to play God.
Let me take you to the book of Jonah, a prophet who is sent on a mission to preach a message of repentance & forgiveness but he decides to change the route. You see Jonah ends in a fish’s belly not as dinner but as a reminder from God who is in still control and probably highlights the impact of the message he is meant to give. But Jonah missed the point. He ends up where was supposed to go but still, Jonah forgets. Full of hate and bitterness, Jonah preached a message of love, forgiveness, repentance with a wounded passion. Remember it’s not all people who pray and are religious who tell God’s wors  from a heart of love. Sometimes it’s a curse.  Jonah forgot God’s forgiveness and love. That’s us, a people who forget that we are all sinners and require God’s love, grace, and forgiveness every day of our lives so much that we are quick to judge and remind God who is better.

Do you still remember?

Our main text reminds me that each time I seek the lord he delivers me. So whom am I to infringe somebody else that right to be delivered from their fears? Don’t you think it’s time you allow God to be God? When life puts us in unknown places of not understanding certain particular things do not forget the same God that saves you is the same God that can deliver that person you think is beyond redemption. Today God wants us to reconcile with him and forget not about love and grace. We need to accept that we do not have control of the outcomes of life situations but we should not forget that thus far the Lord has brought us. In every opportunity, you get do not carry a heart and scriptures in a mouth full of hate to deliver to people. Allow God to use you and don’t forget when we seek him he can deliver us.

Sending love, prayers and blessings



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A cry heard over the hill

Whispered ‘child what defines you?’

Is it the scars imprinted on your soul?

Or the tear stains engraved on your pillows?

The chaotic words impressed by the ink

Or the poetry that builds walls in your wall?

Still what defines you?

You see you are more than just a stationary case

You are a voice

You express the word you create and imagine.

You form the shady vague refinement in every word and image

You define you.

Show me the path to your essence

For no man can crush the dooms you built.

Like I said you define you

And I guess this is what makes me desire you.



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Illusion prevails!

Sacrifice has no criteria

Broken truth slipped in disguise

Before the light erects

Silently we go away

Waiting for the right time to strike

While watching life pack its bags

Wild chains that once hindered

my shadow from my mind now creep on me

for once just this once board me

and imprint my words on your serpent lips

‘How does love turn into monsters?’

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Weekly Devotion: Healing Chaos

Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

Psalms 23:4

We have all been broken at some point, whereby everything seems chaotic. You can’t concentrate or explain why you are crying. No place feels safe. You just cannot seem to move on or let go. It’s probably that time life takes that person dear to you and you don’t get to say goodbye. It’s so easy to run to Jesus while everything is falling apart but is it enough to keep him when you heal from the chaos?

Sometime this time last year I remember going through a time when I desperately needed the LORD. Yes, I had packed him in a bag I kept in the corner of the room and only let him out when needed. I can’t go into detail but I was so broken and depressed but life has to go on. God can move you from a place you never thought you could ever move from. And a year later I admit I should’ve allowed God to stick more often and allowed his word to speak to me. No matter what storms hit me now, I am well assured not to be too anxious because I know he is my sailor. I decided to make this devotion a little personal to probably encourage somebody who needs to hear this, Trust only God in dark times.

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I remember when I looked up the calendar and realized 16 October is this week I wanted to feel numb and upset but instead I found myself recalling Psalm 34:4 which said ‘I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.’ How many times do we pray for something and even when we already have the answer we want to go back there because of the attachment to the memory we have? It is so sad that even the disciples who walked with Jesus could not even appreciate or understand the power of Jesus. We are humans and it is normal to doubt and fear. I understand why it is so easy to remember the chaos and not the healing. Many at times we do not allow the healing to have an impact on us like the chaos. We find it easier to come closer to God in pain. But how long will you only run in God’s arms when you are falling apart?

Let me introduce you to a man who made history with just two verses in the bible. Jabez, (1 Chronicles 4:9-10) cursed at birth but he found his way to blessings through it all. You see Jabez used his grief and pain to make his soil soft enough so that he could grow into something beautiful. He refused to be attached to what his mother wanted the world to define and see him. We all have a choice to let go and move on or to hold on yet moving on. Jabez’s prayer was not just any ordinary prayer. It made me realize that your words can build or destroy your world. God knew what he was going through, God was there when his mother named him pain but God never enforced love to change. He gave him the chance to find him (God) and heal in that chaos. Sometimes God allows certain things to happen to us not because he doesn’t love us but because he wants us to see our worth and purpose. We can never achieve more or open those doors if we talk in doubt and fear in every prayer we utter. Instead of constantly seeing chaos and allowing it to suffocate you, grab it by the collar and tell it I am not in charge anymore, I have handed my problems to the bigger guy.
Healing is a process but the gentleness in finding peace and allowing God to take over is rewarding.

This week’s challenge

  1. Read your Bible daily to find means and scripture that keep your chaotic moments at peace.
  2. Pray every day and find a song a hymn that keeps you calm
  3. Try to speak and associate yourself with biblical verses that help you during your journey of healing


I still can’t feel.

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Without a name of my own
The twisted toxic part of love
The incompleteness in a no
The fear of spending my days intoxicated in my anxiety
I cannot describe what it feels like,
Being in between my dark halls, left to roam and suffocate.
I feel trapped in that world,
For it is always night; without a glimmer, of the feeling of home.”
Stigma digs in my past that weighs heavy on my soul,
I am told to forgive yet the change of mind and from the past is a crime.
Memories flood over me and they ululate as I hit the ground.
I swear the feeling of loss and grief is profound.
Running at a breakneck pace to try the undercurrent of disappointment that ebbs and flows just beneath the surface of my more honest moments;

I still can’t feel.

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When words won’t speak.

Hello and welcome to another post of Sunday whispers.  First of all, I would like to apologize for the Sunday missed but I am back. If it’s your first time joining me thank you so much; and for the usual welcome back, I am so excited and thrilled to have you back here. This week our whisper is on anxiety.

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There is a silent scream that comes with anxiety. A silence that’s not empty but full of so much doubt and fear of the answers or possibilities life may present. You see anxiety is a battle. A battle that’s so exhausting to pretend it does not exist. It’s difficult to fight your own thoughts. Sometimes not talking feels better. Anxiety is quiet, however it hits with an immense blow. It’s a conflict in your mind shouting and keeping you alert yet your body is so depleted and numb. The uncertainty and the dread that creeps unannounced in each beautiful and happy moment. You wind up losing yourself again and again and you can’t clarify why you are once again at the starting point when you were at the end goal a couple of moments back. Anxiety has a way of interlacing with depression leaving you numb and physically aching. It just makes each day difficult to face or anticipate. You continually feel assaulted, disregarded, or overlooked by the individuals who are meant to warm you with love. Some mornings there is an unexplainable ache in your chest, your heart hustling, failing to get back to normal until you wash up. It’s not just the trouble with the breathing, it’s the fear of falling again because of the dizziness and light headaches that come and go. There is no warning. Every little thing gets you over-thinking, panicking, and stressing no matter how good it is, anxiety just can’t show what’s real or not. It’s the constant changes in moods, the worry over nothing, the esteem, or the comfort of being alone and drawn away from people. Anxiety is an uncontrollable tremor that makes you cry and you just don’t know why you are crying and it hurts.  It’s living in the darkness and nightmares of your mind; the suffocating moments in your own body, the crippling times where you can’t explain the hate caressing and snuggles of the shame. Anxiety is constantly breaking down, the unnecessary defenses, the flashbacks, the arguments in your mind, the what if’s, the what’s wrong with me and the I don’t know’s. It’s so draining, so raw and real. Unfortunately, anxiety is a ritual, a bond unbreakable at that point.

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To my ignorant fellows let me take you for a walk in how anxiety can be one’s moment of being unable to speak. So it’s like walking into a room of familiar faces to a event you did not want to attend. Nobody notices you but they notice the person who just walked in behind you. They pass by smiling hello and others ignoring but nudging you. You breathe and pretend you are not offended telling your jogging mind ‘it’s okay I mean I don’t expect them to greet me’. You then walk to a group of your friends who are excited to see you but are speaking of something you can’t relate to. Your mind smirks and you tell it’ its just a hiccup, nothing a person cant handle without listening.’ Before you know it people are laughing bonding and you still don’t get it then your mind ‘ I told you it’s more than a hiccup you do not belong here’. That loneliness starts creeping and you just want to withdraw before you know it you are asking yourself why you came here. Then suddenly people start dispersing in groups and nobody tags you. It’s too much to handle and you simply can’t take it anymore. As you approach the door somebody spills their drink and you can’t scream instead you apologize and you are off in tears. Silently sitting in your darkroom probably peeking on social media the cute pics you find yourself shutting down. The pain, the words unfarmable begin to push and push, until you can’t take it anymore.

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Anyway assuming you get the point now, let me say it’s not your fault. People will always try and make your situation abnormal but don’t mind them. Your feelings matter and you should not allow anybody to make you feel less. Yes, there are times that voice is suffocated and you just can’t explain it; don’t shut them out. Just because you are so upset and out of control does not mean you are crazy or less, you just need to understand you can’t always win. Sometimes we need to lose to win and find ourselves. If you need somebody to talk to don’t hesitate. Take your time in opening up and finding that voice. You matter, so does your mental health. Keep track of that anxiety and work on it. Such things are not outgrown overnight. Its a process a beautiful one. I know silence calms your soul but you need somebody to share and embrace you when you cannot look at yourself in the mirror or stand on your feet. Someday you won’t have to feel that ache in your chest or just randomly cry. When words don’t speak find that hug or silent conversation with that one person who simply understands and believes you matter and anxiety is just the emotional flu. You are not alone. Let’s help others save themselves from themselves. The world is so broken and only our love & kindness can bloom enough to allow them to grow out of that dark hole.

Sending love and prayers love Rue.

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Weekly Devotion: I am your home.

By wisdom, a house is built, and by understanding, it is established; by knowledge, the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches Proverbs 24:3-4 ESV

The home creates and brews different emotions and thoughts to everybody. For me, it creates this ache and yearning. It’s not just a place but an attachment, feeling, and bond of being safe, finding love, and knowing this is where I want to be. After a long day of toiling with the burdens that weigh me down, I just want to walk in there and embrace that little luxury of comfort. A home is a place where I find people who make me feel at home and call the building home. You see that’s my feeling and yearning each time I spend time with Jesus. He reminds me that wherever I am, whomever I am with; he is my home.
Our text for today reminds me that the way we build our homes should be founded on wisdom. The feeling, yearning, and connection we find with what we call home are based on our decisions today. We choose to keep it warm or unbearable to live. When the mind and soul grow intertwined and connected to Jesus there is peace of understanding established. We fill every part of us and our home with pleasant and precious riches. And no, not these earthly vanities, but the fruits of the sprits. Imagine being made of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. It’s a part we never want to let go or live without because this is what you are meant to be or part of.

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Psalms 132:14(NLT), says “this is my resting place forever,” he said. “I will live here, for this is the home I desired.” Home is not just a building it’s your body. Imagine Jesus dwelling in us with us, our bodies being his temple. Being able to find somebody we tell and he just fixes it. Jesus allows you to be whosoever you want to be. He doesn’t stop you from messing up and he always comes back to help you clean that mess. But we need to consider that at some point if a home is not well maintained it falls apart. So while you are still together give Jesus that chance to make it right with him.

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What’s fascinating about homes is what we make of it, whom we welcome in it, and how we think of it, defines it. This reminds me of one of my favorite bible characters the Shunammite woman in 2 Kings 3. She has the ideal kind of home many Christians cannot offer. She manages to build and offer hospitality to Elisha with no desire of wanting anything in return. How many of us are willing to welcome people we know into our homes and make them feel at home? Half of the time we treat them like strangers and find means to make them leave earlier than planned, because they do not have much to offer. If we cannot love the people we know how can we love Jesus? When you are blessed with means of welcoming people into your home; make them feel at home enough to share that peace and wisdom of understanding that what makes a home, home. Allow Jesus to be a part of that home, let him be the home. The small things that we do and offer to the ones we welcome into our homes can take you far. The Shunammite woman further teaches me that sometimes a blessing can be a burden for a reward and renewal of faith. Just those few moments of love and care gave her a son. It also gave her a purpose and faith that enabled her not to question God but to find refugee in him when nothing seems right. In her brokenness which she refused to share with the world, she ran to the giver who put her back together and made her stronger and better than she was. Faith enables you and me to understand that God is with us even when we don’t see him in the picture because he is home.
Today right now Jesus is saying “ I am your home”. Find courage and wisdom to share that with somebody who has been put in the picture for you to give them that chance. By blessing them you are blessing yourself.

Weekly challenge

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  1. Read your Bible daily to find means and scripture that allow Jesus to dwell in us.
  2. Pray every day and find a purpose in that scripture of the day that links you to the fruits of the spirit.
  3. Try to speak and associate yourself with biblical verses that encourage good hospitality like the Shunammite woman.

Sending love, prayers and blessings

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The none withering Rose By Miyanda

A rose is such a beautiful thing to look at. At a point when one attempts to get it, they will undoubtedly be pricked by the thorns if mishandled. In any case, when they figure out how to get it, it turns into one’s obligation to deal with it, so the rose can stay with its hypnotizing magnificence since it generally needs to remain fresh least it withers. Dear ladies ever wonder why you always have to suffer from men’s insecurities… Notice how they always use their insecurities in you? Agreeably, look at you sneaking around in their phones; answering them, scroll through their galleries, etc. With the hopes of staying dry while walking in the rain, with no umbrella? Ever wonder why their word is not enough forcing many of you to sneak around so that you feed your questions and satisfy your assumptions…That remains a mystery. Sadly many of you like roses are mesmerizing but yet intimidated by stinking corpse lilies. Sometimes you do not realize that the little things you do allow your thorns to do tarnish you. It brings the negativity in you out, to the people around you destroying and misplacing trust of them. If one cannot realize their place a stinking corpse lily can outshine a rose.
Isn’t it funny that men can act all cool and extreme like they are not in any manner stressed over whom you converse with, and not stressed over who’s sending what pictures in your gallery? When the undeniable reality is this other gender is genuinely insecure too. They contain their weaknesses all for the sake of trust and masculinity, at that point toward the day’s end when their needs are satisfied, they leave and give senseless reasons like ‘I think you are excessively bravoed and you deserve better’ “I deserve better?!” Like dude I was still with you because I realized you were my better and you simply going to drop everything as nothing occurred and abandon us.By and by, I am worn out on hearing that faltering reason from folks that can’t deal with to deal with their rose. Sometimes men can be selfish in pushing us into withering roses. So, dear men do not go for a rose you can’t take care of if you know you are lazy and your insecurities get your stinking corpse lily, which l wouldn’t want to believe exists. Be free to even get a plastic flower that only needs dusting and leave the free roses to those who can change the water in the flower bowl and take care of that rose.And to the Ladies, never let any man’s insecurities define you, never let any man’s carelessness stop you from finding your beautiful. Dress up, look nice, feel good, give in your all, rock it and own, eventually, the right man will come and pluck that rose, and when he does he will take care of you and give you all the love and care you deserve. Do not allow moments to turn you into a stinking lily corpse or a plastic flower.
Admit it you are amazing, a rose that deserves to take care of not to wither. Stop pretending you are less than you are to protect someone else’s ego. Be unabashedly aware of your freshness. Be that none withering Rose. Yours faithfully Miya🔥Meet Miyanda Mutetwa, my guest writer.

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Mental Health Improvement by Scelo Ncube

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From a humanitarian point of view, mental health is defined or seen as the psychological state of an individual who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustment.

The 21 first century presents a tendency of relying on celebrities, who provide a watch of fantasy or action entertainments to boost their level of mental health. Reading books has become a contagious disease, where only one prefers to hold when it’s a printed page of a mandatory or a requirement from the school for them to acquire educational achievement. They seem to forget that if it becomes a habit to read a book or a page a day it will improve their mental health. With the world coming to what is the youth especially have become so ignorant they prefer to explore and be part of communities they have surface knowledge about. Somehow the interaction of media and these ignorant groups has brought challenges in the mental stability of what is real and fiction. They find themselves in trying to be somebody they are not, living standards that are impossible to reach out, or the desperation of living immoral ways because somebody thought it was right. At the end of the day, a few individuals do not want to think; they want somebody to think of them.

Hence, the emotional and behavioral health has been adjusted and driven to a certain degree that allows media to influence a part of what we want to be. This kind of access allows disintegration of identity, paving way for mental faults as one tries so hard to be part of a community they barely understand and worse of lack a backbone to stand on their own.

Aside from reading, people need to be careful about the content they watch. Keeping an active mind one does not have control over can be risky. Associating self with content that is good for the mind and soul keeps the emotional and behavioral health in check. Below we will discuss the to-do list contemplating on things one can obtain to keep in check.

NB: a lot of tips are there to improve mental health but l will just mention basic things which one cannot make excuses of not adhering to them


1. Exercise

Adequate Sleeping hours are important. It is believed that from 10 pm – 01 am that’s when a human mind is repaired from all the daily activities stored in their respectful areas in one’s mind for future use.

2.Drinking a lot of water and always stay hydrated.

3. Balance diet much of vegetables, fruits, and protein.

4. Removing negative thoughts creates a space that leaves you with a balance to improve your mental health.  Try spending time with nature and spiritual places.  

5. Having a positive point of view toward every circumstance you may come across. Write or print and hang affirmations in frequently visited places. Kindly talk to yourself and learn to be in control of the positivity you fed yourselves.

6. Last but not least and the most important one of them all is Reading books which are motivational especially the BIBLE because it has various examples of people who lived before us and how they were able to improve their mental health etc. the list is endless on how to improve mental health.

Meet Scelo Ncube, a social worker who is very passionate about mental health and childcare.
My guest writer for Soul Tuesday.


Weekly Devotion: The Sovereignty of Thoughts.

Whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things.

Philippians 4:8

There is so much power in thoughts; for through thoughts, words are formed, emotions are built and actions are put into place. And what’s sad is we do not realize that it’s the little things we think do not matter that control our thoughts. Many of us have even lost control and will in what we do or how we do certain things.
When Paul writes in Colossians that we should ‘set our minds on things above…’ he understood the sovereignty and manipulation that came when we focused on earthly things. The devil has designed a system to get into our minds and influence the things we think do not matter. What we eat, read, and watch build us. They have a way of creating our perceptions, judgment, and how we tend to make decisions.

Let me take you through an amazing effect of social media:
You pick up your phone to scroll through Facebook or Instagram. There is this person you unconsciously stalk because of envy or maybe you are curious how are they doing in life. At first, your thoughts are clean and genuine. It doesn’t bother you much until you realize something that makes you mad and suddenly something plants a seed that slowly develops to thoughts that start running in your mind. ‘ why is she so pretty, she is from a poor family how is she keeping up with this lifestyle, omg why are her ugly images getting so much attention’ etc. Before you realize it you have planted grapefruits instead of oranges. Already you are killing your esteem and you are attaching yourself the sins that the Lord hates (refer to Galatians 5:19-21, Proverbs 6:16-19) At this point you are meddling in people’s lives but your own, struggling to understand ‘why are they better than me? Or who am I kidding I am better than them’ remember this is all in your head. So instead of being that fire that warms you find a meadow with dry grass where you spread that hate that grew from a thought you just saw through an image. Thoughts are so powerful that they can make you kill a part of you just because you got caught up in somebody’s situation that has nothing to do with your responsibility. By catching offense you reap an attitude of frustration and suddenly you are questioning GOD ‘why are they so blessed when they do not deserve it?’ Your thoughts just check mated you and convinced you in believing an illusion that does not exist.

I know somebody out there is getting where I am going. We need to practice mindfulness of being aware of the contents of our consciousness- that is understanding our internal conversations and learning to observe without judging before you know the whole truth. If we are not careful with our thoughts you will find yourselves masters of the seven deadly sins God despises. Not because a person has wronged you but because of the thoughts an image has created in you. What’s intriguing about judgment is it has a way of reflecting self. This reminds me of a story in the bible in John 8:1-11 of a woman who is accused of committing adultery. It brought so many questions in my mind rushing and the major one was “who thought of this and how did they know?” Many of us like the Pharisees always scheming and growing hate. Most the time its to feed that anger, ego, envy, and thought of wanting somebody to give you a pat on the back of good job. You want better and more so much that you are willing to hurt anybody to get those praises and be the better one. Only running to Jesus after creating trouble or believing somebody does not deserve mercy or an opportunity to change. We should be careful of where our thoughts come from because they will determine where they will lead us and what will become of us.

When Jesus read their thoughts and realized their intentions, he allowed that those thoughts reflect the judgement they desired to inflict on this woman. ‘Yes she is a sinner but what makes you think you are better and deserving?’ Imagine their humiliation of walking away because their thoughts made them narrow-minded and evil. Because of the thoughts of the Pharisees, this woman found mercy and love in Jesus. Maybe sometimes we just need to take a moment and realize that God blesses some people to teach us and make us understand the fruit of the spirits: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

We certainly cannot control what pops into our mind, however, we can choose what we feed our minds, and the thoughts we identify with and grant power. Find time to meditate upon God’s word and associate yourself with things that keep our conscience clean. I am not saying stay away from media but be careful how you allow it to use you or the content you attach yourself with. Allow God to transform and use you (Romans12:1). I hope you find time to work through your thoughts in self-discipline and the ability to tame the fruits of the spirit in you. (2Timothy 1:7)

This week’s challenge.

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  1. Read your Bible daily to find means and scripture that keep your thoughts aligned with heavenly things
  2. Pray every day and find a purpose in that scripture of the day that links you the fruits of the spirit.
  3. Try to speak and associate yourself with biblical verses that set you on the right track and away from sin.

Sending love, prayers and blessings